Are You On The Right Track To Your Goals?

Are you holding back on something you want to do and don’t have the power to take that step forward? Do you keep making up excuses for yourself?

WELL STOP IT *smacks your hand*

Hopefully by the end of this post you will realize you are wasting time and missing out of so many amazing opportunities and get a start on what you really want to accomplish. Stop wasting your precious life by wishing you could do something. Go out and start by doing it!

  •  Realize You Are Making Up Excuses – Stop Making Excuseif-you-really-want-to-do-something-youll-find-a-way-if-you-dont-youll-find-an-excuse-2

You are probably reading this post because 1. You are a family member who loves and supports me (thank you I appreciate you all) or 2. You are procrastinating on doing what you really want to be doing and need help. You need to be conscious of your actions. I mean REALLY realize what you are doing. People can tell you’re wasting time but it means nothing to you until you grasp what you are doing to yourself. Truly realize how much time you’ve wasted by wanting instead of doing.

I procrastinated for two years. TWO YEARS.

I didn’t realize what I was doing to myself until a couple of weeks ago. I recognized that I was wasting time with what I thought was my passion, creating YouTube videos. I was in class talking about procrastination and we had to reflect on what we procrastinated on and that’s when I truly figured out how many excuses I made to myself. I had the equipment for videos, I had all the support and I even had all the time in the world to create videos.


  • Is It What You Really Want to Do
  •      it-only-takes-one-person-to-change-your-life_

Figure out if (your goal) is what you truly want. Do you always think about (your goal) and hope you can get a start on it during your free time OR do you think about it for a minute and always have new goals popping up without ever starting one? That’s why I’ve changed my goal from creating YouTube videos to blogging. I truly want to blog and have a deep love for it and hopefully making this a full time job in the future. Whenever I think about blogging or working on research for my blog I get this tingly feeling in my stomach. It’s a good tingly feeling, It’s like when you are at the top of a rollar coaster about to go down on a drop, but it’s much more satisfying. Working on my blog is all I think about! In my free time I love to research about blogs or tips that will help me succeed with my passion. I can truly say this is something I want to exceed at and make a living off of.


  • Get Up and Finally Do It


You can simply research things about what your goal is or do what I did, find support and people who know what they are doing. Get advice by talking to people and make it something known to others so you have that support. Sometimes making it known to others about what you are doing can help motivate and push you even further. You can’t tell me you really want to start working out if all you do in your free time is watch Netflix. No honey, if you really want to accomplish a goal you would make time and really push yourself to achieve that goal. I hope this helps you get off your tooshie and start making a change to your life. Whether it be baby steps or a whole leap forward, it’s more than what you were doing before. Be proud of yourself for it, because I know I am proud of you for taking that leap.


I never cared about quotes but I’ve started to really enjoy them so here are a few that I hope can inspire you.

“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.” – Jack Canfield

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there” –Unknown

“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take” – Unknown

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Hello World!

  • Anne Lamott says, “Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere. Start by getting something—anything—down on paper.” This is EXACTLY what I am doing, I am just starting. With that being said let me start off by saying thanks for stopping by! My name is Driana & I am 19 years old living with my partner(20) in Colorado.


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  • We moved away from our family in San Diego almost two years ago! My partner, Sabbath, and I just started college this year. It has been a crazy experience so far. At least our cats Maggie and Isaac are helping us get through it.


  •  img_1271    img_1274Maggie & Isaac


  • I am SO NEW to this blogging thing. It took me only 5 hours and maybe a month to actually get the courage to write for this blog ha! I actually started this blog because I was getting very intimidated about making YouTube videos (which I hope to start making again soon). Blogging has been something I’ve always wanted to do for a while now. I am finally doing it YAAAAAY


  • I plan to make posts about college tips, everyday lifestyle, minimal living and in the future meal ideas and healthy living. I say “in the future” because right now I am in the process of getting into a healthy lifestyle so we can learn together!


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