3 Things I’m Doing In My 20’s To Change My Life

So as you may have figured out by now I am in my 20’s. I’m still young and this is the age where I am figuring many things out about myself. This year alone has been an eye opening experience of growing and failures, but this is only the start of it all.
I want to change things in my life for the better, and I wanted to document and share with you what I will be doing to change my life!

Grab some tea / coffee, a notepad and start your own list of what you will do to change your life for the better or write down the tips I have listed below each category.  

Before I leave this world I want to successfully pursue things that make me happy, healthy and leap towards creating my dream life into a reality. These are the things I think about daily when I’m not on youtube or cuddling with my cats.

So where am I starting?

1. Happiness

I wasn’t the happiest kid, teen, or even adult. I always thought happiness was something that just came to you if you wished for it at your birthday party when you blow out the candles, but I was wrong. You have to work for it, just like anything else. If you aren’t happy with the way you are living then change something! YOU are in control of your happiness. You are the only person in control of your actions. You are living YOUR life not anybody else’s so make it a good one!

I have been into reading self help books that make me so happy and motivated! I also enjoy going outside and feeling the fresh air on my face. Nature makes me happy no matter if I’m down the street form my house or hiking on top of a mountain. I’ve also been into planners ( The Happy Planner ) there are so many stickers and a whole planner community I talk to on Facebook that make me so happy! I have posts of my planner on my Instagram. (linked on this page)


Listen to a podcast about self love/ happy living
Read a chapter in a book before you start your day or before you sleep
Wake up and meditate for 5 minutes before you start the day
Pick up a hobby
Say something positive about yourself everyday
Try to be outside for 10 minutes
Watch the sunrise / sunset
Surround yourself with positive people

Happiness is not

2. Get Healthy

I used to work out 5 times a day, follow a strict diet and count calories. That used to be my perception on living a healthy lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with thinking that, but for me nowadays that isn’t my definition on healthy anymore. Healthy to me means keeping my body active everyday and having the majority of correct fuel/food in my system. An occasional treat in moderation is ALWAYS needed. (As I write this post I am eating a donut 😉 !)

It’s way harder to start, but once you have the hang of making healthier choices it becomes cake! No pun intended.

I have been walking around my park at least once a day. Being outside and enjoying the fresh air when it’s not hailing is amazing! (Picture of my local park below) I also printed out one page of 10 yoga poses I should do everyday (according to Pinterest) when I wake up or before I go to bed. Going along with that I have another printable of the 30 day plank challenge that I have been doing everyday.


Eat one or two healthy fruits a day
Go to your local park and walk for 20 minutes
Stretch your body before you start or end the day
Meal Prep every week
Eat healthy for a week and see the difference in your body
Jumprope for 10 minutes a day
Make a playlist and dance for 20 minutes a day
Use a workout printable from Pinterest / a blog and hang it on your wall

Untitled design
The benefits of getting exercise outside is breathing the fresh air.

3. Make My Dream Life A Reality

Maybe it’s getting married at 25, or walking down a runway show, building your own house from scratch, having 4 children, or even being on the big screen! Whatever it is I believe you can do it.

What I mean by making MY dream life a reality is quitting my 9 to 5 job and being my own boss. I would love to work from home working on youtube, blog posts and most definitely supporting my family by doing the job I love. I’m not sure what that specific job is or my dream might change, but that’s the goal right now!
(My Youtube name is Driana Diaz)

This will probably be the most difficult thing that I will ever do in my life, but I know it will be worth it.

I just have to keep posting to my youtube, write blog posts, and continue to network with likeminded people. It’s been a struggle for me these past couple months on figuring out what I really want to do with my life, but working from home is one thing I am totally going to accomplish.

The hardest thing with my “dream” is staying motivated to continue to get to where I want to be. This process can take many years and many failures. I mentioned before that I wasted so many years wishing to make videos, but never took any action and it got me nowhere. I regret that time, and I won’t make the same mistakes again. I WILL take action!


Find likeminded people
Find people to motivate you
Do all the research on what you need to do to get your dream life
Make a vision board
Keep going no matter how hard it is

Untitled design-2
*prentends this is me snapping a beautiful picture*

What are 3 things YOU will do to change the way you are living?
 Leave a comment telling me 3 things you will change for yourself this year!

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